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Leaflet Control OSM Geocoder

What is it ?

A simple geocoder that uses the OpenstreetMap gecoder Nominatim to locate places.

How to use it ?

var cloudmadeAttribution = 'Map data © 2011 OpenStreetMap contributors, Imagery © 2011 CloudMade',
    cloudmade = new L.TileLayer('http://{s}{z}/{x}/{y}.png', {attribution: cloudmadeAttribution});

var map = new L.Map('map').addLayer(cloudmade).setView(new L.LatLng(48.5, 2.5), 15);

var osmGeocoder = new L.Control.OSMGeocoder();


What are the options ?

You can specify an options object as an argument of L.Control.OSMGeocoder.

var options = {
    collapsed: true, /* Whether its collapsed or not */
    position: 'topright', /* The position of the control */
    text: 'Locate', /* The text of the submit button */
    bounds: null, /* a L.LatLngBounds object to limit the results to */
    email: null, /* an email string with a contact to provide to Nominatim. Useful if you are doing lots of queries */
    callback: function (results) {
			var bbox = results[0].boundingbox,
				first = new L.LatLng(bbox[0], bbox[2]),
				second = new L.LatLng(bbox[1], bbox[3]),
				bounds = new L.LatLngBounds([first, second]);


A big thanks to Sa3m and his Bing Geocoder which is the base of this code.