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A curl-able repository of shell scripts.
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A curl-able repository of shell scripts


The root index serves a script to non-browser UAs that will download any script on and prompt for review/editing before execution. For example, if you wanted to install dogecoind on Ubuntu using the script available on, you could request the script for editing and review like so:

bash <(curl setup/dogecoin/ubuntu

Since piping the output from an untrusted command directly into bash is a pretty wildly reckless thing to do, it's recommended that you download the index script locally first, review it manually, then save it somewhere like your home bin directory so that you don't have to trust the remote every time you request a script from See for a guide.

On the other side of recklessness, the contents of all scripts on are accessible directly, so if you're confident that you don't need to review a script before you pipe it into bash, you can just request it directly. For example, to use

bash <(curl -si packer
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