A simple webcam snapshooter
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osnap: a simple webcam snapshooter


To run osnap.wlua, you'll need:

On Windows, you can get all this and more by installing Lua for Windows.

Outside of Windows, check your local package manager (which will most likely have packages for Lua) and/or Sourceforge (there are some good tips out there for setting up the files you can get from Sourceforge if you search for them).


Run osnap.wlua with a Lua interpreter like wlua.exe for Windows.


Press the "oh snap" buttons on either side of the frame (or the spacebar) to take a picture. (It will be saved as an epoch-time-named JPEG in the working directory.)

Drag across the center of the preview horizontally (or press the H key) to flip it.

Press F11 to toggle fullscreen.


  • Sooner:
    • Fancy canvas-based buttons
    • Smarter keyboard input / focus handling
      • Right now I just giving all canvases the same key handler.
    • Access to camera options dialog
  • Later:
    • Overlay(s)


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