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A virtual fitting room tailor thing
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What this is

This is a quick proof-of-conecpt prototype I made for a Seattle-area letterman jacket company. They posted an ad on Craigslist saying they wanted somebody to build an HTML5 jacket designer to compete with the Flash-based offerings used by some of their competitors. They told me the project was on hold for several months before deciding to "do it interally". (It appears they are now using a series of drop-down selection boxes with no visual element. C'est la vie.)

The project name comes from the brand of sunglasses Edison Carter wears in the Max Headroom episode "Neurostim", in a scene where, on a corporate-drug-induced shopping spree, he uses a virtual "mirror" that renders his appearance in various different outfits to alleviate the need for a fitting room. I bought the Max Headroom DVD box set during a pilgrimage to the Renton, WA Fry's Electronics on Black Friday in 2010: when I got home, I kind of felt like Edison Carter after the aforementioned drugs wore off.

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