Dockerfiles for past and present versions of RethinkDB.
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Dockerfiles for past and present versions of RethinkDB.


Procedure for updating

This is mostly a checklist for my own personal use.

  1. Realize RethinkDB has updated. This part needs improving.

  2. Go to and open a terminal.

  3. Look up what the new package names are by going to and etc.

  4. Run ./ for each missing release:

    ./ 1.16.1
    ./ 1.16.2 +1
    # etc...
  5. Commit this, push it to GitHub, and note the hash.

  6. Go to and put together a pull request that includes all the new tags from jessie.

  7. Wait for that pull request to be approved.

  8. Open up and update services/rethinkdb/docker/DEFAULT_IMAGE. Git commit and push.

  9. Update on any server I care about having the latest RDB on.