Tangosushi Kaizen, a project to make Sangokushi Taisen more accessible
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I stopped working on this

This was supposed to be a project to make Sangokushi Taisen, a Japanese arcade game using trading cards written almost entirely in Chinese, more accessible and easier to use (by way of providing large visually mnemonic diagrams for each card's functionality, as well as easier-to-use tables).

However, somewhere around 2012-4-20, I lost the gold Monster Box I that contained all my Sangokushi Taisen cards, as well as my Gameworks Points card and all my other cards for the games at Gameworks (as well as two pads of Post-It notes and 4 mini-Sharpies).

At that point, I lost interest in going back to the Gameworks, and decided to work on other things.

That said, I still made a really neat logo for the project, so I'm keeping the repo online just to show that off.