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;; wordcount2 -- wrapped MapReduce example
;; This namespace demonstrates how to use the function wrappers
;; provided by the clojure-hadoop library.
;; As in the wordcount1 example, we have to call gen-job-classes and
;; gen-main-method, then define the three functions mapper-map,
;; reducer-reduce, and tool-run.
;; mapper-map uses the wrap-map function. This allows us to write our
;; reducer as a simple, pure-Clojure function. Converting between
;; Hadoop types, and dealing with the Hadoop APIs, are handled by the
;; wrapper. We give it a function that returns a sequence of pairs,
;; and a pre-defined reader that accepts a Hadoop [LongWritable, Text]
;; pair. The default writer function writes keys and values as Hadoop
;; Text objects rendered with pr-str.
;; reducer-reduce similarly uses the wrap-reduce function. However,
;; rather than passing the sequence of values directly to the
;; function, wrap-reduce will pass a *function* that *returns* a lazy
;; sequence of values. Because this sequence may be very large, you
;; must be careful never to bind it to a local variable. Basically,
;; you should only use the values-fn in one of Clojure's sequence
;; functions such as map, filter, or reduce.
;; To run this example, first compile it (see instructions in
;; README.txt), then run this command (all one line):
;; java -cp examples.jar \
;; clojure_hadoop.examples.wordcount2 \
;; README.txt out2
;; This will count the instances of each word in README.txt and write
;; the results to out2/part-00000
;; Notice that, in the output file, the words are enclosed in double
;; quotation marks. That's because they are being printed as readable
;; strings by Clojure, as with 'pr'.
(ns clojure-hadoop.examples.wordcount2
(:require [clojure-hadoop.gen :as gen]
[clojure-hadoop.imports :as imp]
[clojure-hadoop.wrap :as wrap])
(:import (java.util StringTokenizer)
(org.apache.hadoop.util Tool)))
(imp/import-io) ;; for Text
(imp/import-fs) ;; for Path
(imp/import-mapred) ;; for JobConf, JobClient
(def mapper-map
(fn [key value]
(map (fn [token] [token 1])
(enumeration-seq (StringTokenizer. value))))
(def reducer-reduce
(fn [key values-fn]
[[key (reduce + (values-fn))]])))
(defn tool-run [#^Tool this args]
(doto (JobConf. (.getConf this) (.getClass this))
(.setJobName "wordcount2")
(.setOutputKeyClass Text)
(.setOutputValueClass Text)
(.setMapperClass (Class/forName "clojure_hadoop.examples.wordcount2_mapper"))
(.setReducerClass (Class/forName "clojure_hadoop.examples.wordcount2_reducer"))
(.setInputFormat TextInputFormat)
(.setOutputFormat TextOutputFormat)
(FileInputFormat/setInputPaths #^String (first args))
(FileOutputFormat/setOutputPath (Path. (second args)))
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