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;; wordcount4 -- example defjob
;; This example wordcount program is similar to wordcount3, but it
;; includes a job definition function created with defjob.
;; defjob parses its options to create a job configuration map
;; suitable for clojure-hadoop.config.
;; defjob defines an ordinary function, with the given name ("job" in
;; this example), which returns the job configuration map.
;; We can specify the job definition function on the command line to
;; clojure_hadoop.job, adding or overriding any additional arguments
;; at the command line.
;; After compiling (see README.txt), run the example like this
;; (all on one line):
;; java -cp examples.jar clojure_hadoop.job \
;; -job clojure-hadoop.examples.wordcount4/job \
;; -input README.txt -output out4
;; The output is a Hadoop SequenceFile. You can view the output
;; with (all one line):
;; java -cp examples.jar org.apache.hadoop.fs.FsShell \
;; -text out4/part-00000
(ns clojure-hadoop.examples.wordcount4
(:require [clojure-hadoop.wrap :as wrap]
[clojure-hadoop.defjob :as defjob])
(:import (java.util StringTokenizer)))
(defn my-map [key value]
(map (fn [token] [token 1])
(enumeration-seq (StringTokenizer. value))))
(defn my-reduce [key values-fn]
[[key (reduce + (values-fn))]])
(defjob/defjob job
:map my-map
:map-reader wrap/int-string-map-reader
:reduce my-reduce
:input-format :text)
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