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;; wordcount5 -- example customized defjob
;; This example wordcount program uses defjob like wordcount4, but it
;; includes some more configuration options that make it more
;; efficient.
;; In the default configuration (wordcount4), everything is passed to
;; Hadoop as a Text and converted by the Clojure reader and printer.
;; By adding configuration options, this example works more closely
;; with Hadoop types like LongWritable. In order to do that it must
;; define custom reader and writer functions, and specify the output
;; key/value types in the defjob configuration.
;; After compiling (see README.txt), run the example like this
;; (all on one line):
;; java -cp examples.jar clojure_hadoop.job \
;; -job clojure-hadoop.examples.wordcount5/job \
;; -input README.txt -output out5
;; The output is plain text, written to out5/part-00000
;; Notice that the strings in the output are not quoted. In effect,
;; we have come full circle to wordcount1, while maintaining the
;; separation between the mapper/reducer functions and the
;; reader/writer functions.
(ns clojure-hadoop.examples.wordcount5
(:require [clojure-hadoop.wrap :as wrap]
[clojure-hadoop.defjob :as defjob]
[clojure-hadoop.imports :as imp])
(:import (java.util StringTokenizer)))
(imp/import-io) ;; for Text, LongWritable
(imp/import-mapred) ;; for OutputCollector
(defn my-map [key value]
(map (fn [token] [token 1])
(enumeration-seq (StringTokenizer. value))))
(defn my-reduce [key values-fn]
[[key (reduce + (values-fn))]])
(defn string-long-writer [#^OutputCollector output
#^String key value]
(.collect output (Text. key) (LongWritable. value)))
(defn string-long-reduce-reader [#^Text key wvalues]
[(.toString key)
(fn [] (map (fn [#^LongWritable v] (.get v))
(iterator-seq wvalues)))])
(defjob/defjob job
:map my-map
:map-reader wrap/int-string-map-reader
:map-writer string-long-writer
:reduce my-reduce
:reduce-reader string-long-reduce-reader
:reduce-writer string-long-writer
:output-key Text
:output-value LongWritable
:input-format :text
:output-format :text
:compress-output false)
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