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(ns lazytest.nsdeps
"Parsing namespace declarations for dependency information."
(:use [clojure.set :only (union)]))
(defn- deps-from-libspec [prefix form]
(cond (list? form) (apply union (map (fn [f] (deps-from-libspec
(symbol (str (when prefix (str prefix "."))
(first form)))
(rest form)))
(vector? form) (deps-from-libspec prefix (first form))
(symbol? form) #{(symbol (str (when prefix (str prefix ".")) form))}
(keyword? form) #{}
:else (throw (IllegalArgumentException.
(pr-str "Unparsable namespace form:" form)))))
(defn- deps-from-ns-form [form]
(when (and (list? form)
(contains? #{:use :require} (first form)))
(apply union (map #(deps-from-libspec nil %) (rest form)))))
(defn deps-from-ns-decl
"Given a (quoted) ns declaration, returns a set of symbols naming
the dependencies of that namespace. Handles :use and :require clauses."
(apply union (map deps-from-ns-form decl)))
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