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(ns lazytest.context.stub
"A Stub is a special kind of Context that rebinds a Var in the
current dynamic environment."
(:use [lazytest.context :only (Context)]))
(defn stub
"Returns a Context that creates a thread-local binding of Var v to
[v new-value]
{:pre [(var? v)]}
(reify Context
(setup [this] (push-thread-bindings {v new-value}))
(teardown [this] (pop-thread-bindings))))
(defn global-stub
"Returns a Context that modifies the root binding if Var v. The Var
must have a root binding before 'setup' is called. Use 'stub'
instead unless you need to stub the Var on all threads."
[v new-value]
{:pre [(var? v)]}
(reify Context
(setup [this]
(alter-meta! v (fn [m]
(when (contains? m this)
(throw (IllegalStateException.
(str "This global stub is already active for " v))))
(let [old-value (var-get v)]
(alter-var-root v (constantly new-value))
(assoc m this old-value)))))
(teardown [this]
(alter-meta! v (fn [m]
(when (not (contains? m this))
(throw (IllegalStateException.
(str "This global stub is not active for " v))))
(alter-var-root v (constantly (get m this)))
(dissoc m this))))))
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