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* Remove contexts and `given`
* Added deftest style
* Added sample projects for Leiningen & Maven
* Added samples using clojure.test-clojure
v1.2.3 2010-11-27 Added Maven Plugin
* Separated into modules
* Released lazytest-maven-plugin version 1.0.0
v1.2.2 2010-11-27 Fixed release with diff
* Fixed release using 'diff' and Clojure 1.3.0-alpha3
v1.2.1 2010-11-27 BAD RELEASE: DO NOT USE
* Wrong file extension on the deployed JAR
* Tried maven-release-plugin version 2.1
v1.2.0 2010-11-27 BAD RELEASE: DO NOT USE
* Wrong file extension on the deployed JAR
* Depends on Clojure 1.3.0-alpha3
* Prints 'diff' of values when testing with =
v1.1.2 2010-10-03 Minor reloading enhancement
* Only touch source files on reloading when absolutely necessary
v1.1.1 2010-10-02 Bugfix release
* Prevent 'namespace not found' bug by touching source files before
v1.1.0 2010-10-02 Improvements for random generators
Note: due to a configuration error, this version was never deployed.
* Add lazytest.random/default-test-case-count and
* lazytest.describe/for-any uses the above
* collapses large groups of test cases with
the same doc strings, such as randomly-generated tests
v1.0.2 2010-10-01 Bugfix release
* Fix parsing of ns forms with nested prefix lists
v1.0.1 2010-09-29 Bugfix release
* Fix missing :require of lazytest.random within lazytest.describe
* Remove libs from clojure.core/*loaded-libs* when reloading. This is
manipulating an undocumented core Var, but avoids some unnecessary
loads caused by (require :reload-all ...). It also seems to avoid
some load-order issues with `:reload-all`, but I can't find
consistent test cases.
v1.0.0 2010-09-24 Initial Release