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xquery version "1.0";
declare default element namespace "";
declare option exist:serialize "method=xml media-type=application/xml process-xsl-pi=yes indent=yes";
let $target := 'xml-stylesheet',
$content := 'href="kuputei2html.xsl" type="text/xsl" '
return processing-instruction {$target} {$content},
document {
let $collection := '/db/he_kupu_tawhito/',
$kupu := request:get-parameter('kupu', 'mohio'),
$reo := request:get-parameter('reo', 'mi'),
$kotahi := request:get-parameter('kotahi', 1) cast as xs:decimal,
$last := 15 + $kotahi
<titleStmt> Rapunga: {$kupu} </titleStmt>
<publicationStmt><p><ref target="">He Kupu Tawhito</ref></p></publicationStmt>
<idno type="url.path">kupu.xql</idno>
<idno type="url.query.kupu">{$kupu}</idno>
<idno type="url.query.reo">{$reo}</idno>
<idno type="url.query.kotahi">{$kotahi}</idno>
<entry xml:lang="{$reo}" n="{$last}">
for $this at $count in subsequence(//p[@n][.//w[@lemma=$kupu][@xml:lang=$reo]], $kotahi, $last)
let $words := $this//w[@lemma=$kupu][@xml:lang=$reo]/@xml:id
let $thisid := $this/@xml:id
let $thishash := concat('#', $thisid)
let $url := $this/@n
let $others := //p[contains($this/@corresp,@xml:id)][(concat('#',@xml:id)=$this/@corresp) or (concat('#',$this/@xml:id)=@corresp)] |
//p[contains(@corresp,$this/@xml:id)][(concat('#',@xml:id)=$this/@corresp) or (concat('#',$this/@xml:id)=@corresp)]
<cit n="{$url}" corresp="{$words}">
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