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A ruby xpointer implementation. Hopefully this is going to be the first implementation to support most of the XPointer schemes at In particular support for one of the string-range() schemes. For a description of the kinds of XML this will support see

This is my first attemt to write ruby, so expect some language-learning related refacting to occur.

== Things that seem to work

  • most of an xinclude implementation
  • xi:fallback
  • HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and file URIs supported
  • Main the processes standard-in to standard-out.
  • xpointer element() scheme (with a handful of test cases)
  • xpointer string-range() scheme (with a handful of test cases, none spanning tags)

== Things that don't appear to work

=== Xinclude

  • xml:base URL interpretation
  • xml:lang fix up
  • namespace issues
  • content negotiation (attributes accepted but ignored)

=== Xpointer

  • multiple schemes
  • a trivial number and scope of unit tests

== The Future ==

My plan is to give it up as too hard if I don't have the most complete xpointer suite within ~ two months. Also in that timeframe, I'll know whether ruby is a language I'm comfortable with.

=== The competition

The following are other implementations I'm aware of, to the best of my knowledge these don't include functional string-range() schemes.