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I think we need a additional line in the reset.css for HTML5-Tags:


and summary / detail - tags should be reseted too.



Hi Nicole,

i had a look at normalize.css. IMO it looks really good. But I am not really shure about the font-sizes they are using. The font-reset from the YUI3-Project worked really good for me.

Another Problem is that they are using some default paddings, margins, etc which is in conflict with the OOCSS principles.

I am wonrdering: YUI3.5.0 has no HTML5 tags in the reset.css. So I am a little unsettled what is the richt way to go :)

I like the way YUI is doning the css but wondering why the don't have HTML5 in the css. For me it is shure that i want to use HTL5 and CSS3.



Font-sizes and height of elements (line-height included) should be in "em" units due to accessibility concerns. Overflow of block elements should't be hidden for the same reason (referring to changes in .line & .lastUnit: 9bb82e8).

Heights and Overflows can be changed with JavaScript once the page is loaded and we know how is displayed.

It is true that can be annoying for pixel perfect designs, but a web should flow. And be accesible to anyone, no matter which font size the browser is configured.

Thanks for this great framework and all the guiding with css and HTML concepts :) It's the best I've tried.

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