Create a module skin repository #32

alexrighetto opened this Issue Jul 14, 2010 · 4 comments

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It could be a nice idea creating a module skin repository (o a marketplace), feeded by community, in order to share them easily, based on Stubbornella's module structure.
the pluspoints are:
1 Share the tecnology
2 simplify the develop
3 a place where the designer can show his skills



A fantastic idea... any chance you are interested in building it?


Yes I'm proud to have a chance to build it! Any suggestions or guidelines to start?
Wow, Thanks again.


In fact this sounds like a fun idea.

Create a set of modular markups and let people style them with CSS & JS.
Maybe with some live editors as they are around.

Other people can then give points or 'like' your 'art'.

Other Features could include:

  • Rebounds like in Dribbble
  • Some kind of Badges for "Fast", "Pretty", "blah"

This could be really interesting.


Exactly, these are good ideas.

The home page should show the top rated skins.

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