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grids.css ~ more sizes? #33

TigerMunky opened this Issue Jul 14, 2010 · 3 comments

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Greetings from South Africa Nicole! :O===<()♩♪♫♬

Just a quick Q...

So if the current "sizeXofY" doesn't meet any of my requirements, what should I do?

  • My first answer would be to specify the widths manually but then, am I not moving away from using the grid?
  • add more sizeXofY to my grids.css but what if you change the whole system? (e.g. sizeXofY to sXofY)


Awesomeness lies in the hands of the brave.


i just wanted to add my +1 to the request for more sizes.

theoretically, only denominators of prime numbers would be needed to achieve any sized division but if primes were all you had then you would have to nest your content to get multiples. eg if you wanted something to be 1/6th then you nest 1/2 and 1/3

<div class="unit size1of2">
    <div class="unit size1of3">

some people might find it less than desirable to have to nest just for the sake of layout but at least it can be achieved.

the size which i think would be really useful and is missing is size1of7 - it has a prime number denominator and it would be useful as part of a calendar module. it's been simple enough for me to add it but just thought that if you were going to add anything, i'd like to suggest that you include that one.


I agree. We added "1of7" for our calendar display.

I second the motion for its inclusion.


Someone wrote this, (or wrote a generator for this) but I can't remember if they committed it. Martin, can we make grids_more.css a plugin? It should include 5-10's grids.

@phpwalter - Thanks for the calendar example, that is a great use case.

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