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.media doesn't play well with absolutely positioned elements #36

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For example, if I have a custom tooltip that appears when I hover over something in the .media block, since the .media block is overflow: hidden, the content just gets clipped.

I checked facebook since they have working tooltips and it looks like they're using a combination of display:table-cell for the "body" and the clearfix solution for the .media block itself.

I also checked display:inline-block on the body and that seems to work ok.


We should change the media block to use the facebook method. Nan recently commented on my blog about it. It seems like a good solution.


The one major issue I can recall having with the table-cell method is that it breaks down when a very long unbreakable string is part of the content. Urls are a common culprit here, but I've heard of people complaining about long german words too.|de|speed%20limit


oof, right now it looks like we have half one method, half another. The worst of both worlds.

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