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mod.css messes with b tag #37

dotandimet opened this Issue · 1 comment

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The "b" tag is used in mod.css for the edges and corners of box frames, because it is considered a short, non-semantic tag. However, it is a very familiar and therefore common tag, and occurs in a lot of markup in the wild. When trying to wrap existing HTML in a module-based skin, text which should be bold vanishes, because the declaration on line 13 of mod.css (display: block and font-size: 1% etc) is applied unconditionally.

Maybe a possible fix could be to make the scope more specific, for example
.mod > b, .mod > b > b { .... }
instead of b { ... }


to work in browsers where the child selector is not supported (where these elements are most needed) it would need to be something more like:, b, b.bottom, b.bottom b { ... }

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