Mod.css .top and .bottom IE6 bug (well kinda) #48

adtaylor opened this Issue Dec 7, 2010 · 0 comments

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I'm currently building a fairly large site using OOCSS principles (…it's like stepping out of the dark ages) and I am really happy with how solid across multiple browser it is.

I was just crossing-browser testing and found in 1 or 2 (so really not very often at all) sections an empty/unstyled b.bottom element would push content down as it was taking a parents line-height in IE6.

This is no problem as it could either be removed or dealt with individually but this wouldn't suit our needs. One reason that OOCSS works well for us, is that it gives the developers a strong HTML pattern to work to so (for better or for worse) we want to keep the markup the same.

A solution that has worked for me is to change line 13 of mod.css to:
b{display:block;background-repeat:no-repeat;font-size:1%;position:relative;z-index:10; line-height: 1;}

I would be interested to see if this would work for everyone or does someone see a way this could detrimentally affect a mod or skin?


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