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push and pull classes for the grids #75

gmclelland opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Is there any we could get push and pull classes for the grids to help control the visual order when the source order is different? This would be helpful when using media queries. What are your thoughts?


When you use just grids for laying out your website you really don't have any control over the how the layout collapses when using media queries. For example say you have a standard three column website using oocss grids. When viewing it on phone the left column will come first, then the middle, then the right column. Instead, I would like the middle column to come first and then the left and right column all stacked on top of each other.

Basically I would like to use oocss grids and have a site that collapses down like the sites on . It would be awesome if you could throw up an example of a responsive layout that uses oocss.

The gives the push and pull classes for each grid unit so that you can visually reorder the columns.

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