IE6 bug : grid nested in a module #81

laobab opened this Issue Jul 4, 2011 · 0 comments


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When you nest a grid in a module, the CSS _position: relative; of the class .lastUnit generates a layout bug.
Example code:

    <div class="mod simpleExt"> 
        <b class="top"><b class="tl"></b><b class="tr"></b></b> 
        <div class="inner">
            <div class="hd">
            <div class="bd">
                <ul class="line">
                    <li class="unit size1of2">col 1</li>
                    <li class="unit size1of2 lastUnit">col 2</li>
        <b class="bottom"><b class="bl"></b><b class="br"></b></b> 
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