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A browser extension that finds all the fonts on a page
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A browser (firebug, currently) extension that counts all the fonts on a page and orders them by color and size before happily outputting some json. It currently outputs the following type information:

  • count
  • font-family
  • font-size
  • font-weight
  • font-variant
  • font-style
  • color
  • text-transform
  • text-decoration
  • text-shadow
  • letter-spacing
  • word-spacing
  • sample-text

Getting Started

Installing the Extension

  1. Install the Firebug extension to Firefox
  2. Install the Typo-o-matic extension to Firebug

Using the extension

  1. Visit the site you’d like to test 
  2. Right click on anything in the page and choose Inspect element with Firebug
  3. Now click on the Typography tab
  4. Click Generate Report

You'll see a list of different font properties and how many times they were used on the pages you've analyzed.

Analyzing multiple pages

  1. Choose which pages to analyze (we’ve found that ten is a good number to get the big picture, but you can analyze as many as you’d like — it will even work on just one page!)
  2. Click Persist
  3. Now navigate to other pages, and on each subsequent page, click Generate Report

You'll see the list of values and the count grow with each page. The table of results can be a bit difficult to interact with, so you can always click Copy to clipboard, and copy the results (JSON).

Next Steps

  • port extension to chrome


  • @stubbornella
  • @chrisklaiber
  • @arnogues
  • @lauramillan
  • @mobywhale-chan
  • @maban
  • @brettstimmerman
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