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devbot is a simple IRC project development bot. It provides:
+ Channel logging to a MySQL database
+ Integration with Google Code's project hosting or GitHub
+ The announcement of source revision and issue updates via the above
project integration
devbot was initially based on ilbot (,
but has been adapted to be interactive in terms of reporting information
on the Google Code project it is integrated with.
For a full list of command line options available when starting devbot, run:
./devbot --help
For help using devbot or for a full list of available interactive commands
while devbot is running, address the bot by name using:
<bot_name>: help
<bot_name>: commands
In order to run devbot, the following Perl modules are required:
+ DateTime
+ Bot::BasicBot
+ Config::File
+ XML::FeedPP
+ HTTP::Daemon
+ HTTP::Status
+ Digest::HMAC_MD5
+ Net::GitHub
+ Test::Class
Stuart Connolly <stuart02 [at] gmail [dot] com>
Copyright (c) 2010-2014 Stuart Connolly. All rights reserved.
devbot is free and open source software, licensed under GPL version 3.
See LICENSE for full details.