sysql - use sql queries against output of linux commands
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sysql - use sql queries against output of linux commands


Display help and list of available commands:


Display output of ps command:

sysql ps

Query output of lsblk command:

sysql -q "SELECT device,uuid,filesystem FROM lsblk" lsblk 

Query output of several commands:

sysql -q "SELECT, ps.command, ps.elapsed_time, FROM ps JOIN lsof ON = WHERE name LIKE '%LISTEN%'" ps -e --- lsof -Pni4

Here is why I wrote it:

  • No need to remember command syntax to format command output - just select necessary fields in SQL query

  • No need to know sed, awk, head, join and other linux commands to manipulate with output - it's all SQLite

  • Table data is stored with meaningful column name and type (int, text, float, datetime etc)

  • All power of SQL can be used to query output (JOIN, WHERE, GROUP BY etc.)

  • To support new command, output parser must be developed only once and then can be shared with community to make life easier

  • All supported commands are kept in one place as set of python files, so it is easy to find out how to customize existing parsers or create new ones