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Have a look at the full Documentation

How to install:

Requires php 5.3

1. Put Files into Customizing Foler

Since you are reading this file, we guess that you successfully downloaded the complete source of the Dropbox-Plugin. Put the whole Dropbox-Plugin into the following Directory: Customizing/global/plugins/Modules/Cloud/CloudHook/ If some subdirectories do not yet exist, you have to create them.

The plugin should now appear in the plugin section of the administration in the plugin slot table (“Administration->Plugins”). When you click on "Action->Informations" you should see some informations about the Dropbox-Plugin and the file “plugin.php” as well as the class file should be marked as “Available”. Also the language file should show up. If so, the plugin can be updated and activated.

Important note: The Cloud-Module is deactivated by default. In order to create a Dropbox-Plugin in der Repository, the Cloud-Modules must be activated. Uncheck therefore the “Disable Creation” box of the Cloud Module in the modules section (“Administration->Repository->Module”).

2. Configure Dropbox-Plugin settings### 2. Configure Dropbox-Plugin settings

So far the plugin is not working. In order to work, the plugin needs to be properly configured. The important settings are "App Name", "Key" and "Secret".

Please consult for more informations regarding the registration of the app. Consider that the App needs to go through the "Apply for production" process once the plugin gets operational.


Wir lieben und leben die Philosophie von Open Source Software! Die meisten unserer Entwicklungen, welche wir im Kundenauftrag oder in Eigenleistung entwickeln, stellen wir öffentlich allen Interessierten kostenlos unter zur Verfügung.

Setzen Sie eines unserer Plugins professionell ein? Sichern Sie sich mittels SLA die termingerechte Verfügbarkeit dieses Plugins auch für die kommenden ILIAS Versionen. Informieren Sie sich hierzu unter

Bitte beachten Sie, dass wir nur Institutionen, welche ein SLA abschliessen Unterstützung und Release-Pflege garantieren.


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