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This plugin can be installed in the LMS ILIAS to implement an interface to the external video platform Panopto. It introduces a new repository object type, in which video from Panopto can be added and viewed, as well as new videos can be recorded and uploaded directly to Panopto.


Start at your ILIAS root directory

mkdir -p Customizing/global/plugins/Services/Repository/RepositoryObject
cd Customizing/global/plugins/Services/Repository/RepositoryObject
git clone



Login to your Panopto instance as administrator. Navigate to "System" -> "Identity Providers" and add a new provider. Enter the following data:

  • Provider Type: BLTI
  • Instance Name: choose an identifier, e.g: "ilias.myinstitution" (will be needed in the plugin configuration)
  • Friendly Description: choose any description
  • Bounce Page URL: http://{your-ilias-installation}/Customizing/global/plugins/Services/Repository/RepositoryObject/Panopto/classes/bounce.php
  • Parent folder name: choose a folder, where all objects coming from this ILIAS instance will be created
  • Suppress access permission sync on LTI link: Set 'true' if you want to stop the behavior to revoke Viewer permission of other course folders.
  • Application Key: save this key for the plugin configuration
  • Bounce page blocks iframes: False (don't check)
  • Default Sign-in Option: False (don't check)
  • Personal folders for users: Choose which kind of users should get personal folders (can be changed later)
  • LTI Username parameter override: Leave empty
  • Show this in Sign-in Dropdown: False (don't check)

Now, to create an api user:

  • Navigate to "System" -> "Users"
  • Click on "Batch Create" (for some reason you can't create single external users)
  • As "Provider", choose the previously created identity provider
  • Enter a username and an email address comma-separated, e.g. "api_user,"
  • Uncheck the checkbox "Create a personal folder for each user" (except if you want a personal folder for the api user for some reason)
  • Click "Preview" and on the next Screen "Create Users"

After the user is created, open the user details by clicking on the user's name. Check the role "Administrator" under "Info" -> "System Roles" and click "Update Roles".


Now, login to your ILIAS instance as an administrator. Navigate to "Administration" -> "Plugins" and look for the "Panopto" plugin. Install/Update the plugin if it's not up-to-date yet and afterwards choose "Configure". Configure the plugin as followed:

  • Object Title: choose how this object type should be named in ILIAS (displayed e.g. when creating a new object in the repository)
  • API user: enter the name of the previously created API user (e.g. "api_user")
  • Hostname: the hostname of your Panopto instance without "https://". E.g. ""
  • Instance Name: the same identifier you chose when creating the identity provider in Panopto
  • Application Key: the key which appeared when creating the identity provider in Panopto
  • User Identification: chose which user field will be used as user identification (either the login or the external account)

Adjustment suggestions


Wir lieben und leben die Philosophie von Open Source Software! Die meisten unserer Entwicklungen, welche wir im Kundenauftrag oder in Eigenleistung entwickeln, stellen wir öffentlich allen Interessierten kostenlos unter zur Verfügung.

Setzen Sie eines unserer Plugins professionell ein? Sichern Sie sich mittels SLA die termingerechte Verfügbarkeit dieses Plugins auch für die kommenden ILIAS Versionen. Informieren Sie sich hierzu unter

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