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<h3>A QUnit Addon For Running Multiple Test Files</h3>
<p>Composite is a QUnit addon that, when handed an array of
files, will open each of those files inside of an iframe, run
the tests and display the results as a single suite of QUnit
<h4>Using Composite</h4>
<p>To use Composite, setup a standard QUnit html page as you
would with other QUnit tests. Remember to include composite.js
and composite.css. Then, inside of either an external js file,
or a script block call the only new method that Composite
exposes, QUnit.testSuites().</p><p>QUnit.testSuites() is
passed an array of test files to run as follows:</p>
<p>Composite has tests of it's own.</p>
<a href="composite-test.html">Composite Test</a>: A suite which tests the implementation of composite.<br>
<a href="composite-demo-test.html">Composite Demo</a>: A suite which demoes how Compisite is bootstrapped and run.
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