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Install Guide for Linux:
The build system of Studierstube 4.0 is based on SCons. Please,
download and install SCons first before starting the Studierstube
compilation. SCons is available from this website
The Studierstube 4.0 relies on the following 3rd party libraries which
must also be installed first:
- ACE (
- TinyXML (
- Coin and SoQt (
- OpenTracker (
- boost (
- OpenVideo (SVN repository only, contact <>)
The above libraries should preferably be installed
system-wide. However, default locations can be changed in the file
config.opts, which is generated after calling SCons first.
For starting the compile process, only type
in the command prompt and you should result in having the basic
Studierstube libraries and an executable. Both can be found in
the build/linux directory. For installing the Studierstube
system-wide, just write
scons install
with root privileges. To clean up the source use
scons -c
If you have any questions concerning the Linux build system for
Studierstube 4.0, write to <>.
For general dependencies please also read INSTALL_win32.txt
Have fun,
Bernhard Reitinger