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An ES6 library to create a mobile-popover (commonly used on maps). Sprinkhaan is the Dutch word for Mantis.


Sprinkhaan Example


new Sprinkhaan(options)

// Import the library:
import Sprinkhaan from 'studio-fonkel/Sprinkhaan';

// Create a new instance
let sprinkhaan = new Sprinkhaan();

// and show it:;

Additionally, you can override some options while creating a new instance:

let sprinkhaan = new Sprinkhaan({
    // Prefix for all elements inside the main element:
    prefix: '.sprinkhaan-',
    // The easing on all animations:
    easing: 'cubic-bezier(.61,.14,.5,.93)',
    // The selector of the main element:
    selector: '#sprinkhaan',
    // Animation length:
    speed: 300,
    // Treshold that determines when Sprinkhaan expands or collapses
    // while dragging for a smaller/larger distance than the given value (as percentage of the screen-height):
    threshold: 30


<!-- data-state="collapsed" is optional, it prevents a flash of content before initiating -->
<div class="sprinkhaan-container" data-state="collapsed" id="sprinkhaan">
    <div class="sprinkhaan-header is-sticky">Lorem ipsum dolor.</div>
    <div class="sprinkhaan-close-button"></div>

    <div class="sprinkhaan-inner">
        <!-- Either an image -->
        <div class="sprinkhaan-media"><img src="/images/sprinkhaan.jpg" alt="Sprinkhaan"></div>   
        <!-- Or a data-youtube attribute -->
        <div class="sprinkhaan-media" data-youtube="ayjN3Kdc7OA"></div>

        <div class="sprinkhaan-content-wrapper">
            <div class="sprinkhaan-header is-not-sticky">Lorem ipsum dolor.</div>

            <div class="sprinkhaan-content">
                <p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.</p>


This puts the Sprinkhaan into the view and only shows the header. => {
    console.log('Logged when the animation is finished')


This hides the Sprinkhaan out of the view.

sprinkhaan.hide(() => {
    console.log('Logged when the animation is finished')


This expands the Sprinkhaan and shows it's contents.

sprinkhaan.expand(() => {
    console.log('Logged when the animation is finished')


This scrolls to the top of the content and collapses the Sprinkhaan afterwards. You will only see the header.

sprinkhaan.collapse(() => {
    console.log('Logged when the animation is finished')


Detaches all eventListeners. After calling this method you can safely remove the markup.

sprinkhaan.destroy(() => {

.on() & .once()

Sprinkhaan emits the following events:

  • expanded
  • hidden
  • collapsed
  • animationsCreated
  • destroyed

You can subscribe to them:

sprinkhaan.on('expanded', () => {
    // Called everytime the sprinkhaan is expanded.

sprinkhaan.on('hidden', () => {
    // Called everytime the sprinkhaan is hidden.

sprinkhaan.on('collapsed', () => {
    // Called everytime the sprinkhaan is collapsed.

sprinkhaan.on('animationsCreated', (animations) => {
    // Called once the sprinkhaan created animations.
    // You can use this to add animations to the sprinkhaan.
    // You can choose between animations.teaser which is the initial show of the title and
    // animations.popup which is the expanding animation.
    // Here we add left padding to the header when it is expanding.
    animations.popup.addKeyframeEffect(sprinkhaan.elements[''], [
        { paddingLeft: '30px' },
        { paddingLeft: '90px' }

sprinkhaan.on('destroyed', () => {
    // Called once the sprinkhaan is destroyed.

The difference between on() and once() is that the once-method is only used once. After calling it, it will detach itself.

Youtube support

If you use the following markup for the media element, a youtube video is rendered:

<div class="sprinkhaan-media" data-youtube="ayjN3Kdc7OA"></div>

On iOS a thumbnail of the video is placed. On all other devices you can play the video inside the Sprinkhaan. When clicking on the thumbnail, the Youtube-app will open and play the corresponding video.

HTML5 video tag support

This is something we want to support in the future.


  • jspm install github:studio-fonkel/sprinkhaan
  • Copy the sass files from app/scss/ and include them in your project
  • Import the es6 file Sprinkhaan.js


There are no tests at this moment. We'd like to test via browserstack so we can guarantee that iOS is still working.


An ES6 library to create a popover for use with maps on mobile devices.







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