Studio is an interactive software diagnostics environment
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Studio is an interactive software diagnostics environment.

Studio imports dense and "messy" diagnostic data in an application's own native formats, then it applies all the tools that are needed to extract useful information, and finally it presents the results in an interactive graphical user interface.

Getting Started

Studio runs on Linux/x86. You can run it anywhere (server, VM, docker, etc) and access the GUI with VNC.

Here is how to download and run Studio:

$ curl | sh    # Get nix package manager
$ git clone # Get Studio
$ studio/run vnc                             # Start GUI as VNC server

And in a docker container:

$ git clone      # Get Studio
$ docker build -t studio studio                   # Build docker image from local git repo
$ docker run -d -p studio vnc # Run studio in the background in VNC mode, listening on localhost:5901
$ vncviewer                        # Connect to studio using TigerVNC

Optional extras:

$ git checkout next            # Switch to development version
$ studio/run x11               # Start GUI directly as X11 client

Script you can enter to get some example data:

with import <studio>;

Studio screenshot
RaptorJIT IR visualization example