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Virtuemart 2.0 Joomla 3 Bootstrapped

This is an enhanced convertion compatible with joomla 3.0, works now on joomla 3.2!

Virtuemart 2 is a online shop solution for Joomla 2.5.

Last updates

Multi file uploads in product,category ...

Simplified editing for all the shop

Full front vendor shop with bootstrap design

save as new/copy in most views

Bootstrap Style in front-end views as default

Better rights cheking for vendors

customisable product edit

Code changes and bug fixes for j3+ compatibility ...

New features

Full Shop Front-end administration not only product or category.

Include now a front-End administrator menu

Enhanced multi-vendor

In shop direct edit link for products,categories and manufacturers.(more to come soon)

All is converted to Bootstrap

joomla 3.x compatible(tested on joomla 3.2 and joomla 2.5)

New dashboard

Simplified and more advanced Virtuemart plugin settings.

All List are now updated without complet page reload. No javascript and css refresh and size reduced by 2.

Tasks in lists view, publishing ..., only reload 260 Octets (the message itself) and not 80 Kbs.

Old parameters(jparameter) are removed and use now New joomla formFields.

Compatible with most PDF Engines*, this mean you are not restricted to use old tcPdf

Clone product with plugin correctly, if the method is in the plugin.

Commit update include many bug fix, i applied and share to the user.
Most of this fix are not included in Official release.

This repositry is a derivated work from original 2.0.22a stable zip package from virtuemart 2 Official site (without aditional languages & files). See for original packages without this changes and fixes. You can install new languages from original release. Install Steps

1-Download and install as all joomla component
2-Download and install as all joomla component

The pdf enchanced is included in all-in-one installer no need to install anything more.
All-in-one main plugins and modules are ready to run


This release have to use joomla-pdf-document-view from github to make the orders PDF.
If you have already installed original Virtuemart 2.0.20.b package, only to do is download and install this release and Of course, use the Joomla installer to include all in your website.

If you want better PDF, then look the full explain at But you have to update the original virtuemart with this repository to use another PDF class.

Plugin Update

To update your VritueMart Plugins, simply use this minimal tutorial
XML Manifest tags to change
<install> to <extension>
<params> to <fields><fieldsets>
and <param> to <field>
Now all plugins are compatible with this Virtuemart release and joomla 3.0

If you use old element with a path then replace
eg. for virtuemart elements
<params addpath="/administrator/components/com_virtuemart/elements" />
<fieldset name="options" addfieldpath="/administrator/components/com_virtuemart/models/fields">

Not all fix (but most) listed here are fixed

This list is not updated anymore, some other bugs are fixed
1-Incompatible j1.5 & j1.7 : JComponentHelper::filterText(unfixed) If you try to edit a product in virtuemart 2.0.2 this does not work, upgrade to j2.5+

2-remove unwanted languagevars in url

3-fix to clone plugins

4-fix to switch lang router.php

product edit :

5-bad Browser TITLE(product edit)
6-add_new_price do not work (new product)
7-price-remove button remove original price container, and it's imposible to readd it without saving the product.
8-add child product, is visible in a new product(but cannot work of course)
9-removing a plugin from a product, does not call it on save, to inform it it's not existing. At end you have orphan tables in your plugin.
10-price set to 0.0 are displayed as "priced" products.(confusing)
11- on save product without price do an PHP error in product model , but because redirection, this is not visible.
reason mprices is not set in : foreach($data['mprices']['product_price'] as $k => $product_price){ 12- possible same issu and fix as 11 : if (!empty($data['childs'])) { TO if (isset($data['childs'])) { 13- product_edit_information.php html price :

    			<!-- Product pricing -->
	before :
```    	<a href="#" id="add_new_price" ">  TO <a href="#" id="add_new_price">```
14- product_edit_information.php
```    	<input type="hidden" value="<?php echo $this->product->ordering ?>" name="ordering">```
bad HTML : code to move inside a `  <td></td>`

15- product_edit_customer.php 
 after > notification_template
`    					</div>
invert TO
`    					</label>
16- product_edit_customer.php  
before : `$aflink`  
remove one `div` some line before  

17- product_edit_custom.php 
`    				<div><?php echo  '<div class="inline">'.$this->customsList; ?></div>`
`    				<div class="inline"><?php echo  $this->customsList; ?></div>`
18- product_edit_price.php  
`class="adminform" class="productPriceTable"`  
19- general HTML ID and array:  
HTML Error: `character "[" is not allowed in the value of attribute "id"`  
`id="mprices[product_price_publish_up][]` (BAD)  
TO `mprices-product_price_publish_up-0` (OK)  
(NOTE : can brake a javascript if the value is used in a script).  

20- closing tag : `div` is missing for `div class="mailing"`  
21- missing open `td` before `VirtueMartModelCustomfields::setEditCustomHidden($customfield, $i)`  
22- after `echo JText::_('COM_VIRTUEMART_PRODUCT_FORM_PARENT')`, closing tag `div` is missing  
23- do not load customer for new product :  
24- remove intnotes unwanted "tabs" :  
25- some router errors
26- infinite loop in categories


Virtuemart 2 bootstrap for Joomla 3 & 2.5



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