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Silverbird M is a fork of Silver Bird.
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Silverbird M

What is it?

Silverbird M is a general purpose Chrome/Chromium Twitter extension.
Silverbird M is a fork of the Silver Bird.


  1. Get it at the Download it directly from GitHub
  2. Get your own Twitter API ConsumerKey and ConsumerSecret.
  3. Fill gap of lib/secret_keys_stub.js, and rename to lib/secret_keys.js
  4. Enable Chrome/Chromium Extensions Developer Mode
  5. Load unpacked extension


It works on Chrome/Chromium distribution channels below: Stable, and Beta. It does not work on Canary Channel. It does not work on any browsers which are using Blink (eg. Opera).


  • Follow your timelines and navigate through your tweets
  • Notify user through icon changes whenever new tweets arrive
  • Compose, reply, and RT tweets
  • Upload multiple photos
  • OAuth authentication
  • Twitter API 1.1 support


This project uses the very simple and permissive MIT license. Check the LICENSE file.


Cezar Sa Espinola - Original Development

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