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=== Page-Links Plus WordPress Pagination Plugin ===
Contributors: studiohyperset
Donate link:
Tags: pages, single page, navigation, pagination, paginate
Requires at least: 3.0
Tested up to: 4.9.7
Stable tag: 2.4.2
License: GPLv3 or later
License URI:

A WordPress pagination plugin that helps users paginate content easily & efficiently.

== Description ==

Page-Links Plus is a WordPress pagination plugin.

= Demo =

Check out the [Page-Links Plus Demo]( »

= About PLP =


While WordPress' [<!--nextpage--> quicktag]( and [wp_link_pages() function]( make integrating page links rather effortless, WordPress doesn't offer a native single-page option. Addressing this limitation, the basic Page-Links Plus plugin adds this option to WordPress page lists. 

The Single Page module also serves as the basic framework for the other [Page-Links Plus modules](

== Installation ==

1. Install and activate the basic Page-Links Plus plugin. (If you're unfamiliar with installing WordPress plugins, please read [this page from the Codex](

2. You'll see a new top-level admin menu titled "Page-Links Plus" where you can globally enable/disable the single page view.

3. After enabling, users can also activate the single-page view by appending `?singlepage=1` to the end of any page or post (e.g., ``).

4. Add other Page-Links Plus modules:

* The [Pagination Styles]( module makes it easy for WordPress users to integrate HTML elements and CSS classes and id's and manage `wp_link_pages()` parameters.
* The [Auto Pagination]( module allows WordPress users to trade tedious in-line `<!--nextpage-->` tags for a site-wide management tool that paginates posts and pages quickly and uniformly.
* The [Scrolling Pagination]( module helps WordPress users customize the "nextpagelink" and "previouspagelink" `wp_link_pages()` parameters and integrate custom-length, scrolling page lists into posts and pages.

== Frequently Asked Questions ==

See [](

= Links =

* [Learn more about Page-Links Plus](
* Read detailed [installation instructions](
* Browse plugin [resources](
* Create a discussion post in the [Page-Links Plus community](
* Send the developer a message via Twitter [@studiohyperset]( / [#pagelinksplus](!/search/?q=%23pagelinksplus&src=hash), [Facebook](, or [Google+](
* Learn about [other Studio Hyperset WordPress plugins]( 

== Screenshots ==

Try a fully-functioning demo here: [](

**PLP in :02**


== Changelog ==

Review the PLP change log here: [](

== Upgrade Notice ==

= 2.4.2 (7/10/18)

Changed the way PLP handles updates (custom SVN server > GitHub releases)

= 2.4.1 (7/9/18) =

Allow users to exempt pages and posts from pagination, fixed miscellaneous error warnings

= 2.4 (2/11/15) =

Bug fixes, feature enhancements

= 2.3.2 (12/19/14) =

Bug fixes, feature enhancements

= 2.3.1 (11/25/14) =

Bug fixes

= 2.3 (11/12/14) =

Added multisite (MU) support, minor copy/content adjustments

= 2.2 (5/10/14) =

Allows automatic pagination by number of paragraphs, number of words, and total number of pages. Ajax pagination option. Review the detailed PLP change log here: [](

= 2.1 (2/1/14) =

v.2.1 adds a number of new features to PLP, all of which can be reviewed here: Review the PLP change log here: [](

= 2.0 (9/12/12) =

New functionality: top-level admin menu item and module framework. Shortcode/HTML fix. Globally enable/disable single-page option for pages and posts using admin UI. (v.1.0 "?singlepage=1" URL parameter maintained.) Review the detailed PLP change log here: [](

= 1.1 (3/2/12) =

Extra lines fix. Review the detailed PLP change log here: [](

== Extra Modules ==

* [Pagination Styles](
* [Auto Pagination](
* [Scrolling Pagination](