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TYPO3 Extension basic_authentication

This extension makes it possible to add a basic authentication for backend and frontend.


No need for maintaining a .htaccess and .htpasswd file as the user and their password are configured within the extension configuration.


The extensions uses the concept of the MiddleWares which will only protect requests covered by those. This means that any direct file access, e.g. to extensions or fileadmin is still possible!


Georg Ringer is part of StudioMitte and author and maintainer of this extension.



Install this extension as any regular TYPO3 extension:

  • Use composer with composer require studiomitte/basic-authentication
  • or install the extension through the Extension Manager by


The configuration is done in the Extension Configuration.


  • Enable the authentication for the desired mode (backend, frontend)
  • Define user & password in the syntax user1:password1|user2:password
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