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##About _layouts is a theme gallary for Jekyll powered websites. Themes are created by me, Yuya Saito who is an web designer/frontend developer in Tokyo, Japan. Unless otherwise noted, themes here are all MIT licenced which means you can do whatever you want as long as you don't sue me. See LICENCE for detail. And of course, this site is powered by jekyll.

##My design principle

  • Minimalist

    I love minimalist approach. This allows me to focus on details. I'll always keep design, file structure and code simple as possible.

  • I hate IE

    I'm sorry to say, but please let me ignore IE for my personal project. I've had it enough on my day job already. Besides, if I care about IE, code will be messy which conflict with my first principle. And I don't have Windows PC so that makes it pretty hard for me to check if my design/code is compatible.

##About me My name is Yuya Saito, I use studiomohawk as my alias on internet. As I've wrote above, I am an web designer/front end developer. I currently live in Tokyo, Japan working for internet based media company in Japan. I love what I do. I'd love to become better an web designer. That is why I've started this project. I know how to become better in any field. Just do it. Do it a lot.

You may already noticed, English is not my first language so bare with me. I've graduated from University of Nevada, Las Vegas and I majored in print journalism so I try to re-learn how to write in English soon.

##Suggestion? I plan to publish my themes on github so you can use Issue page on github to suggest me. I have repository for this blog at github. you can fork me.

You can follow me @cssrader