Fast JS utility library for creating event loops (with basic DOM manipulation).
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Fast JS utility library for creating event loops (with basic DOM manipulation).

Maintained as part of Studio Universe's in-house toolkit. If you need help with CSS and styling pages, please checkout Classic.


Find a single element (this should be cached in a variable):

let $el = $("a.submit");

Find a child element:


Add a click event:

$("a.submit").on("click", function() {
  // Do something

Chain methods:

  .on("click", function() {
    // Do something

Create a new element:

let $span = $("<span>");

Append a new child element:


Hide an element:

[hidden] { display: none !important; }


Change an attribute:

$([""]).attr("href", "/contact");

Change a class:


Find multiple elements by wrapping selectors in an array:

let $anchors = $(["a"]);
let $messages = $([".error", ".warning"]);

Manipulate multiple elements:

let $clickers = $(["a", "button"]);
$anchors.forEach(function(el) { el.hide() });
$anchors.attr("data-test", "123");
$anchors.on("mouseenter touchstart", eventHandler);
$"mouseenter touchstart", eventHandler);

Add your own single element method:

$._.myFunction = function(stuff) {
  this.attr("data-stuff", stuff);

Add your own multiple element method:

$.__.myFunction = function(stuff) {
  this.forEach(function(el) {
    el.attr("data-stuff", stuff);
  return this;

Log shortcut:

$.log("Something happened", eventData);

Log an error:

$.error("Something went wrong");

Get something from your REST API (XHR):


Post something to your REST API (XHR):

$.send("", { firstName: 'John' }, { method: 'POST' })

Go to new URL (in a new tab by default):

$.go("", false);

Create a repeating event:

var updateID = $.addUpdate({
                  interval: 1000, // ms
                  update: function() {

Create a repeating on-scroll event:

var updateID = $.addUpdate({
                  updateOnScroll: true,
                  update: function() {

Access useful variables:

$.start; // Time Hermes was loaded
$.elapsed; // How long on page
$.scrollY; // Window scroll Y position