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React Native Training Course

React Native is a framework for building mobile apps using React.

This training course focuses on learning the basics of React Native. On completing the course, you will have built three different apps, which gives you an excellent grounding to go on and build your own.


To complete this course, you'll need to be familiar with the following technologies:

  • Modern JavaScript (ES6 and ES7)
  • React

Setting up Development Environment

Before you can start building React Native apps, you need to get your machine and mobile device setup.

Follow the instructions in this setup guide to get this sorted.

Course Structure

The course comprises of a number of sections, and culminates in a quiz.

In each section, we will:

  • Run through the notes together
  • Complete challenges
  • Build an app from a brief, based on the material from the section.

Section 1: Components

In the first section, we'll learn about the fundamental building blocks of a React Native app - UI Components.

Aside: Debugging Techniques

We take a short break from building apps to discuss the different techniques for debugging React Native apps.

  • Refer to the notes for more details.

Section 2: Asynchronous data fetching

Most mobile apps fetch and send data from/to a server. In this section we will discuss the principles behind this.

Section 3: Navigation

Next, we'll discover how to navigate between different pages in a React Native app.

Section 4: List/Detail pattern

Then, we'll discuss the list/detail pattern and how to apply it in a React Native app.

Section 5: Apps

The remainder of the training course is spent building apps, which puts everything we've learned so far into practice.

There are two apps to choose from:

Take a look at the brief for the apps and decide which one you'd like to try first. If you are unsure about which one to pick, the news feed app is simpler - so it might make sense to start with that one. There will be time to try building both if you like, or you can dive deeper into one of the apps by implementing the extras listed in the brief.


Finally, the course will finish with a quiz, to assess your new knowledge. This will take the form of a series of questions, which will be distributed separately.

Other Notes


Learn how to build an app with React Native.







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