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How to Use Bootstrap 4 Forms With Django – Crispy Forms
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How to Use Bootstrap 4 Forms With Django – Crispy Forms

Tutorial Link -

Integrating Bootstrap Form with Django is very easy and simple. There are lots of Django Libraries for Bootstrap. In this tutorial, we are going to use django-crispy-forms for Bootstrap Form in Django. Crispy-Forms is a great package that gives good control over rendering Bootstrap form in your Django Project.


  1. Create a folder and put all the files inside it.
  2. Create a virtual environtment - virtualenv env
  3. Activate VirtualENV - ubuntu : source env/bin/activate || windows : . .\env\Scripts\activate
  4. Run requirements.txt - pip install -r requirements.txt
  5. Run the Application - python runserver

Product add url - http://localhost:8000/product-add/

Product update url - http://localhost:8000/product-update/3

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