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The boo programming language (c) 2009 Rodrigo Barreto de Oliveira (


Just type:


to build the project.

nant test

will also run all the unit tests.

mono users might want to do this instead:

nant compile-tests && nunit-console tests/build/*Tests.dll  

to rebuild everything from scratch:

nant rebuild

the rebuild target will also cause the ast classes and parser to be regenerated (needs a java vm).

How to Start

For a brief description of the project and its goals take a look at docs/BooManifesto.sxw.

extras/boox contains a sweet little tool you can use to get yourself acquainted with the language.

src/ contains all the source code for the runtime and compiler components.

tests/ contains all the unit tests.

testcases/integration is a good source of information on the language features.

lib/ contains project dependencies such as antlr.

bin/ contains the latest version that passed all the tests and could be successfully used to rebuild the system.

Running and compiling code

To execute a boo script run:

booi <script> [args]

For instance:

booi examples/    

You can also have booi to read from stdin by typing:

booi -

You can generate .net assemblies by using booc (either the booc.exe utility or the booc nant task):

booc -output:build/hello.exe examples/    

If you want to simply see the transformations applied to your code by the compiler use the boo pipeline, run:

booc -p:boo examples/    

More Information