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kdelibs: removed hspell

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Ratler committed Jul 3, 2012
1 parent b0fb261 commit a0b0d281c315f1acfa11386747950f5c31f8263d
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@@ -25,7 +25,6 @@ optional_depends "jasper" "-DWITH_Jasper=ON" "-DWITH_Jasper=OFF" "for JPE
optional_depends "openexr" "-DWITH_OpenEXR=ON" "-DWITH_OpenEXR=OFF" "for high dynamic-range image support"
optional_depends "avahi" "-DWITH_Avahi=ON" "-DWITH_Avahi=OFF" "Facilities for service discovery on a local network (DNSSD)"
optional_depends "heimdal" "-DWITH_GSSAPI=ON" "-DWITH_GSSAPI=OFF" "Allows KIO to make use of certain HTTP authentication services"
-optional_depends "hspell" "-DWITH_HSPELL=ON" "-DWITH_HSPELL=OFF" "for Hebrew spell-checking support"
optional_depends "qca2-cyrus-sasl" "-DWITH_QCA2=ON" "-DWITH_QCA2=OFF" "for cross-platform crypto API support"
optional_depends "alsa-lib" "" "" "for alsa sound support"
optional_depends "attr" "" "" "for Access Control List support"

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