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kde-workspace: removed ConsoleKit

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1 parent 61e3553 commit b0fb261ddb30e30c5762b7b9d9fdb2cbe41b735f @Ratler Ratler committed
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  1. +0 −1 base/kde-workspace/DEPENDS
1 base/kde-workspace/DEPENDS
@@ -14,7 +14,6 @@ optional_depends "libxklavier" "-DWITH_XKB=ON" "-DWITH_XKB=OFF"
optional_depends "glib-2" "-DWITH_GLIB2=ON" "-DWITH_GLIB2=OFF" "required for keyboard switching"
optional_depends "libusb-compat" "-DWITH_USB=ON" "-DWITH_USB=OFF" "for usb device support"
-optional_depends "ConsoleKit" "-DWITH_CkConnector=ON" "-DWITH_CkConnector=OFF" "for console kit support"
optional_depends "webkit" "-DBUILD_webkit=ON" "-DBUILD_webkit=OFF" "for konqueror webkit support"
optional_depends "bluez" "" "" "for bluetooth support within KDE4"
optional_depends "libraw1394" "-DWITH_RAW1394=ON" "-DWITH_RAW1394=OFF" "for firewire support"

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