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;;; implementation of a floating style window management group
(in-package :stumpwm)
;;; floating window
(defclass float-window (window)
((last-width :initform 0 :accessor float-window-last-width)
(last-height :initform 0 :accessor float-window-last-height)
(last-x :initform 0 :accessor float-window-last-x)
(last-y :initform 0 :accessor float-window-last-y))
(defvar *float-window-border* 1)
(defvar *float-window-title-height* 10)
;; some book keeping functions
(defmethod (setf window-x) :before (val (window float-window))
(unless (eql (window-x window) val)
(setf (float-window-last-x window) (window-x window))))
(defmethod (setf window-y) :before (val (window float-window))
(unless (eql (window-y window) val)
(setf (float-window-last-y window) (window-y window))))
(defmethod (setf window-width) :before (val (window float-window))
(unless (eql (window-width window) val)
(setf (float-window-last-width window) (window-width window))))
(defmethod (setf window-height) :before (val (window float-window))
(unless (eql (window-height window) val)
(setf (float-window-last-height window) (window-height window))))
(defun float-window-move-resize (win &key x y width height (border *float-window-border*))
;; x and y position the parent window while width, height resize the
;; xwin (meaning the parent will have a larger width).
(with-slots (xwin parent) win
(xlib:with-state (parent)
(xlib:with-state (xwin)
(when x
(setf (xlib:drawable-x parent) x
(window-x win) x))
(when y
(setf (xlib:drawable-y parent) y
(window-y win) y))
(when width
(setf (xlib:drawable-width parent) (+ (xlib:drawable-x xwin) width border)
(xlib:drawable-width xwin) width
(window-width win) width))
(when height
(setf (xlib:drawable-height parent) (+ (xlib:drawable-y xwin) height border)
(xlib:drawable-height xwin) height
(window-height win) height))))))
(defmethod update-decoration ((window float-window))
(let ((group (window-group window)))
(setf (xlib:window-background (window-parent window))
(if (eq (group-current-window group) window)
(screen-float-focus-color (window-screen window))
(screen-float-unfocus-color (window-screen window))))
(xlib:clear-area (window-parent window))))
(defmethod window-sync ((window float-window) hint)
(declare (ignore hint))
(defmethod window-head ((window float-window))
(dolist (head (screen-heads (group-screen (window-group window))))
(when (and
(>= (window-x window) (frame-x head))
(>= (window-y window) (frame-y head))
(<= (+ (window-x window) (window-width window))
(+ (frame-x head) (frame-width head)))
(<= (+ (window-y window) (window-height window))
(+ (frame-y head) (frame-height head))))
(return head))))
(defmethod window-visible-p ((win float-window))
(eql (window-state win) +normal-state+))
(defmethod (setf window-fullscreen) :after (val (window float-window))
(with-slots (last-x last-y last-width last-height parent) window
(if val
(let ((head (window-head window)))
(with-slots (x y width height) window
(format t "major on: ~a ~a ~a ~a~%" x y width height))
(set-window-geometry window :x 0 :y 0)
(float-window-move-resize window
:x (frame-x head)
:y (frame-y head)
:width (frame-width head)
:height (frame-height head)
:border 0)
(format t "loot after: ~a ~a ~a ~a~%" last-x last-y last-width last-height))
(format t "fullscreenage: ~a ~a ~a ~a~%" last-x last-y last-width last-height)
;; restore the position
(set-window-geometry window :x *float-window-border* :y *float-window-title-height*)
(float-window-move-resize window
:x last-x
:y last-y
:width last-width
:height last-height)))))
;;; floating group
(defclass float-group (group)
((current-window :accessor float-group-current-window))
(defmethod group-startup ((group float-group))
(defmethod group-add-window ((group float-group) window &key &allow-other-keys)
(change-class window 'float-window)
(float-window-align window)
(focus-window window))
(defun &float-focus-next (group)
(if (group-windows group)
(focus-window (first (group-windows group)))
(no-focus group nil)))
(defmethod group-delete-window ((group float-group) window)
(declare (ignore window))
(&float-focus-next group))
(defmethod group-wake-up ((group float-group))
(&float-focus-next group))
(defmethod group-suspend ((group float-group))
(defmethod group-current-window ((group float-group))
(screen-focus (group-screen group)))
(defmethod group-current-head ((group float-group))
(first (screen-heads (group-screen group))))
(defun float-window-align (window)
(with-slots (parent xwin width height) window
(set-window-geometry window :x *float-window-border* :y *float-window-title-height*)
(xlib:with-state (parent)
(setf (xlib:drawable-width parent) (+ width (* 2 *float-window-border*))
(xlib:drawable-height parent) (+ height *float-window-title-height* *float-window-border*)
(xlib:window-background parent) (xlib:alloc-color (xlib:screen-default-colormap (screen-number (window-screen window)))
(xlib:clear-area (window-parent window))))
(defmethod group-resize-request ((group float-group) window width height)
(float-window-move-resize window :width width :height height))
(defmethod group-move-request ((group float-group) window x y relative-to)
(declare (ignore relative-to))
(float-window-move-resize window :x x :y y))
(defmethod group-raise-request ((group float-group) window type)
(declare (ignore type))
(focus-window window))
(defmethod group-lost-focus ((group float-group))
(&float-focus-next group))
(defmethod group-indicate-focus ((group float-group))
(defmethod group-focus-window ((group float-group) window)
(focus-window window))
(defmethod group-root-exposure ((group float-group))
(defmethod group-add-head ((group float-group) head)
(declare (ignore head)))
(defmethod group-remove-head ((group float-group) head)
(declare (ignore head)))
(defmethod group-resize-head ((group float-group) oh nh)
(declare (ignore oh nh)))
(defmethod group-sync-all-heads ((group float-group))
(defmethod group-sync-head ((group float-group) head)
(declare (ignore head))
(defmethod group-button-press ((group float-group) x y (window float-window))
(let ((screen (group-screen group))
(initial-width (xlib:drawable-width (window-parent window)))
(initial-height (xlib:drawable-height (window-parent window))))
(when (eq *mouse-focus-policy* :click)
(focus-window window))
;; When in border
(when (or (< x (xlib:drawable-x (window-xwin window)))
(> x (+ (xlib:drawable-width (window-xwin window))
(xlib:drawable-x (window-xwin window))))
(< y (xlib:drawable-y (window-xwin window)))
(> y (+ (xlib:drawable-height (window-xwin window))
(xlib:drawable-y (window-xwin window)))))
;; When resizing warp pointer to left-right corner
(multiple-value-bind (relx rely same-screen-p child state-mask)
(xlib:query-pointer (window-parent window))
(declare (ignore relx rely same-screen-p child))
(when (find :button-3 (xlib:make-state-keys state-mask))
(xlib:warp-pointer (window-parent window) initial-width initial-height)))
(multiple-value-bind (relx rely same-screen-p child state-mask)
(xlib:query-pointer (window-parent window))
(declare (ignore same-screen-p child))
(labels ((move-window-event-handler
(&rest event-slots &key event-key &allow-other-keys)
(case event-key
(:button-release :done)
(with-slots (parent) window
(xlib:with-state (parent)
;; Either move or resize the window
((find :button-1 (xlib:make-state-keys state-mask))
(setf (xlib:drawable-x parent) (- (getf event-slots :x) relx)
(xlib:drawable-y parent) (- (getf event-slots :y) rely)))
((find :button-3 (xlib:make-state-keys state-mask))
(let ((w (+ initial-width
(- (getf event-slots :x)
(xlib:drawable-x parent))))
(h (+ initial-height
(- (getf event-slots :y)
(xlib:drawable-y parent)
;; Don't let the window become too small
(float-window-move-resize window
:width (max w *min-frame-width*)
:height (max h *min-frame-height*)))))))
;; We need to eat these events or they'll ALL
;; come blasting in later. Also things start
;; lagging hard if we don't (on clisp anyway).
(:configure-notify t)
(:exposure t)
(t nil))))
(xlib:grab-pointer (screen-root screen) '(:button-release :pointer-motion))
;; Wait until the mouse button is released
(loop for ev = (xlib:process-event *display*
:handler #'move-window-event-handler
:timeout nil
:discard-p t)
until (eq ev :done))
(update-configuration window)
;; don't forget to update the cache
(setf (window-x window) (xlib:drawable-x (window-parent window))
(window-y window) (xlib:drawable-y (window-parent window))))))))
(defmethod group-button-press ((group float-group) x y where)
(declare (ignore x y where))
(defcommand gnew-float (name) ((:rest "Group Name: "))
"Create a floating window group with the specified name and switch to it."
(add-group (current-screen) name :type 'float-group))
(defcommand gnewbg-float (name) ((:rest "Group Name: "))
"Create a floating window group with the specified name, but do not switch to it."
(add-group (current-screen) name :background t :type 'float-group))
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