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@dmb2 dmb2 released this Nov 28, 2019 · 1 commit to master since this release

Various bugfixes and improvements:

  • Fixed issue where non-focused groups would stop listening to events
  • Fixed issue where RANDR wasn't called when screen-heads was updated
  • Removed use of certain internal xlib functions
  • Changed behavior so frame-raise-window correctly pulled windows in the correct order
  • Ensured that remap-keys stays in sync with the rest of the xserver
  • Fixed various issues related to handling utf8 strings
  • Fixed a crash when splitting windows for specific edge cases
  • Fixed issue with configuration-notify request
  • Added compression of the executable file in order to allow users to tweak how big the file is on disk
  • Added click-hook
  • Various improvements to the manual
  • Added support for a separate variable for shell history and command history
  • Set the default background color for every screen in order to fix issue where screen would be empty but show the previous group's window
  • Added changes to make the mode-line faster and less intrusive
  • Removed xinerama in favor of the more modern xrandr
  • Fixed crash when window-normal-hints returned nil
  • Fixed various bugs associated with floats in tiled groups
  • Fixed errors associated with double clicking float window titles
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