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@ElectricCoffee ElectricCoffee Minor spell checking. Awesome Window Manager is a name, and as such has been capitalised, and a clit-mouse's technical name, is a TrackPoint c5eb709
@dbjergaard dbjergaard Updated Home (markdown) d1c88f7
@dbjergaard dbjergaard Updated Setting Up a Desktop Environment (markdown) e51aabc
@dbjergaard dbjergaard Created Setting Up a Desktop Environment (markdown) 407b67f
@koute koute Updated FAQ (markdown) 9b42d62
@c0smonaut c0smonaut Updated WorkWithEmacsclient (markdown) 7c75215
@etrumbo etrumbo Update 'git clone' address f9d8e1b
@etrumbo etrumbo Correct highlighting 4b2b583
@etrumbo etrumbo Clarify wording. e09ede6
@etrumbo etrumbo Adding descriptions of different init file names/locations. 1a8ad92
@etrumbo etrumbo Updated StumpFriendlyTools (markdown) 81c160f
@etrumbo etrumbo Fixed several broken links 8673897
@ryneeverett ryneeverett Added some additional details about mapping the windows key. e640870
@dbjergaard dbjergaard updated multi monitor faq 84a44db
@dbjergaard dbjergaard Updated Modules (org) bc219a4
@dbjergaard dbjergaard Merged 509dc9d
@dbjergaard dbjergaard Adding module docs 40aa94d
@dbjergaard dbjergaard Updated Modules (org) d40fd18
@dbjergaard dbjergaard Updated Home (markdown) 9e3b8ad
@dbjergaard dbjergaard Updated Home (markdown) 9e6abb4
@dbjergaard dbjergaard Reorganized topics to differentiate topics a7552cb
@dbjergaard dbjergaard Fixing various inaccuracies, reorganizing hidden info to make it more cohesive and relevant 7d663e7
@phowat phowat Link to Frames and Windows document was broken. 6660314
@phowat phowat Broken link to Basic Concepts page. 18880d7
@dbjergaard dbjergaard Updated Home (markdown) ef42738
@dbjergaard dbjergaard Updated Home (markdown) 385d1d0
@dbjergaard dbjergaard Updated Home (markdown) 002d58d
@girzel girzel Adding Frames and Windows section from the manual 438437a
@girzel girzel Updated Home (markdown) c14560d
@girzel girzel Adding the basic concepts section from the manual. 04e0806
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