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(ns tic-tac-toe.core
(:require [reagent.core :as reagent :refer [atom]]))
(def app-consts
{:min-board-size 3
:max-board-size 9
:min-win-length 3
:max-win-length 7})
(defn blank-board [n]
(vec (repeat n (vec (repeat n :blank)))))
(defonce app-state
(let [{:keys [min-board-size min-win-length]} app-consts]
(atom {:board (blank-board min-board-size)
:game-status :active
:win-length min-win-length})))
(defn update-board! [new-board new-game-status]
(swap! app-state assoc :board new-board)
(swap! app-state assoc :game-status new-game-status))
(defn reset-app-state! [board-size win-length]
(swap! app-state assoc :win-length win-length)
(update-board! (blank-board board-size) :active))
(defn board-positions [board-size]
(for [x (range board-size) y (range board-size)] [x y]))
(defn board-spaces-of-type [board type]
(let [board-size (count board)
positions (board-positions board-size)]
(filter #(= type (get-in board %)) positions)))
(defn start-of-n-length-run? [board position n player]
(let [[row column] position]
(some true? ; Is position the start of at least one run of length n?
(for [[delta-row delta-column] [[0 1] [1 0] [1 1] [1 -1]]]
(every? true? ; Check down, right, and both downward diagonals for runs.
(for [i (range n)]
(= (get-in board [(+ (* delta-row i) row) (+ (* delta-column i) column)])
(defn wins? [board win-length player]
(let [player-positions (board-spaces-of-type board player)]
(some true?
(map #(start-of-n-length-run? board % win-length player) player-positions))))
(defn draw? [board]
(empty? (board-spaces-of-type board :blank)))
(defn determine-game-status [board win-length]
(wins? board win-length :x) :x-wins
(wins? board win-length :o) :o-wins
(draw? board) :draw
:else :active))
(defn cpu-move [board win-length]
(let [[row column] (rand-nth (board-spaces-of-type board :blank))
new-board (assoc-in board [row column] :o)
new-game-status (determine-game-status new-board win-length)]
(update-board! new-board new-game-status)))
(defn player-move [board row column win-length]
(let [new-board (assoc-in board [row column] :x)
new-game-status (determine-game-status new-board win-length)]
(update-board! new-board new-game-status)
(if (= new-game-status :active)
(cpu-move new-board win-length))))
(defn played-space-component [player]
[:button {:disabled "disabled"} player])
(defn blank-space-component [row column]
(let [{:keys [board win-length game-status]} @app-state]
(if (= game-status :active)
[:button {:on-click #(player-move board row column win-length)} "_"]
(played-space-component "_"))))
(defn board-component-at [board row column]
(case (get-in board [row column])
:blank [blank-space-component row column]
:x [played-space-component "X"]
:o [played-space-component "O"]))
(defn gameboard-component []
(let [{:keys [board]} @app-state
board-size (count board)]
(for [row (range board-size)]
^{:key row}
(for [column (range board-size)]
^{:key column}
[board-component-at board row column])])]))
(defn select-component [value-atom options]
{:on-change #(reset! value-atom (int (-> % .-target .-value)))}
(for [option options]
^{:key option} [:option option])])
(defn new-game-component []
(let [{:keys [min-board-size
max-win-length]} app-consts
selected-size (atom min-board-size)
selected-win-length (atom min-win-length)]
[:label "Board Size"
[select-component selected-size (range min-board-size (inc max-board-size))]]
[:label "Win Length"
[select-component selected-win-length (range min-win-length (inc max-win-length))]]
{:on-click #(reset-app-state! @selected-size @selected-win-length)} "new game"]]))
(defn status-component [game-status]
(let [{:keys [game-status]} @app-state]
(case game-status
:x-wins [:p "X Wins!"]
:o-wins [:p "O Wins!"]
:draw [:p "Draw"]
:active [:p "Game On"])))
(defn tic-tac-app []
[:h1 "Tic Tac Toe"]
(reagent/render-component [tic-tac-app]
(. js/document (getElementById "app")))