Jednoduchá varianta Wiki pro kurs „Úvod do programování“
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A minimal Wiki implementation for teaching programming concepts.


To use a tool on a computer, you need do little more than point and click; to create a tool, you must understand the arcane art of computer programming. — John Maeda, Creative Code

This web application serves as a way to teach programming to humanities students in the „Introduction to Programming“ course at New Media Studies (Charles University, Prague, 12 lectures).

Slides to the course are available in Czech and English.

Specification in form of user stories is available at Pivotal Tracker project.

Why use a Wiki to teach principles of programming?

  • Well known and understood piece of software with minimal and well defined features/requirements
  • Used on a daily basis (Wikipedia)
  • Feature set could be expanded based on individual skills of students
  • Wiki principles refer to mythical „World Wide Web“ predecessors (Vannevar Bush's memex, Apple's HyperCard)
  • Web is one of the most used/expanding platforms for software development (GMail, GoogleDocs, iPhone applications, ...)

The main aim of the course is to walk the students through the whole application development lifecycle, explaining basic concepts of programming, web architecture, project specification and estimating, etc.


You need a working Ruby installation for your platform. This application uses the Sinatra micro-framework, please refer to it's README for further info.


Various steps are saved in the Git tags, available for download.

Published under MIT License.