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class Sequence(object):
"""If instantiated with a parent sequence, bpm will be none and
a relation_dict will be in the format: {'parent': 4, 'self': 5};
duration is the total count of pulses
interval is the duration between pulses
alias is a string name for this sequence
If parent == None, self is a root parent; bpm must
be > 0; relation must == None
def __init__(self, parent_name=None, relation={}, bpm=0, duration=0, file_name='', alias=""):
"""duration is the total times the sequence will pulse"""
self.parent_name = parent_name
self.bpm = bpm
self.relation = relation
self.duration = duration
self.interval = 0 # calculate interval between each pulse
self.timing_list = [0]
self.filename = file_name
self.parent_object = None
self.alias = alias
self.interval_list = []
def calculate_interval(self):
""" Root parents caclulate duration from self.bpm;
children calculate duration based on relationship to parent"""
if not self.parent_object:
self.interval = 60.0/self.bpm
return self.interval
# interval is (self.relation["parent"] * self.parent.duration) / self.relation["self"]
self.interval = ((self.relation["parent"] * self.parent_object.interval) / self.relation["self"])
return self.interval
def calculate_duration(self):
"""If not duration, play until the end of the parents sequence; otherwise, play for
duration pulses"""
if self.parent_object: # instance has a parent
parent_total_time = self.parent_object.interval * self.parent_object.duration
self.duration = int(parent_total_time / self.interval)
return self.duration
def calculate_timing_list(self):
"""Calculate timing as list of incrementing sum of durations"""
duration_sum = 0
# Try: if not duration, raise exception
for pulse in xrange(self.duration):
duration_sum += self.interval
return self.timing_list
def process_relationship(self, parent_object):
"""after the self.parent_object is set, determine the interval and duration for
self.timing_list; if no parent is assigned calculate interval from self.bpm; if
self.bpm is given, self.duration must also be set"""
self.parent_object = parent_object
return None
def generate_sequence(self):
"""creates a tuple for each Sequence object's timing_list, containing the
interval and the filename to play"""
self.interval_list = [(interval, self.filename) for interval in self.timing_list]
return self.interval_list
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