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What is Lampcms?
Lampcms is the open source high-performance web program
for creating Questions/Answers website.
This is similar, but not exactly the same as a traditional web forum.
Question/Answer type of site is more suitable for certain types
of online communities and customer support sites.
This program, however can easily be adapted for creating
a general purpose discussion communities where it
not required to start a thread in a form of a question
but simply start a discussion of any topic while others
will be able to reply (instead of "answer") to a topic
as well as make comments, rate topics and earn
based on how other users rate their topics and replies.
The program uses very flexible templating system
with support for "themes" and mobile browsers.
The program is written in php in object-oriented style,
making it easy for developers to add new features
by adding new classes or extending existing classes.
The program also uses event driven design
with the Subject/Observer pattern.
This program is very fast and can scaled to a very large size
as well as being able to handle
very heavy web traffic
(thousands of requests per second is possible on a single server).
The NoSQL database MongoDB is used as a back-end storage,
which means no matter
how large your database is,
the speed will always remain the same.
There are never any database
JOINS, all queries
are simple selects and always executed blindingly fast.
It is also very easy to add additional database servers
as the database grows.
The design of MongoDB
makes it very easy to "just add another server"
with almost no downtime.
More info here:
A version of php is 5.3 or later. Recommended is 5.3.3 or later.
MongoDB database
MySQL database (yes, MySQL too, but only for one table)
More on requirements here: More info here:
Installation instructions are here:
Attribution required:
All web pages generated by the use of this software, or at least
* the page that lists the recent questions (usually home page) must include
* a link to the and text of the link must indicate that
* the website's Questions/Answers functionality is powered by
* An example of acceptable link would be "Powered by <a href="">LampCMS</a>"
* The location of the link is not important, it can be in the footer of the page
* but it must not be hidden by style attibutes
If you have any questions, visit our
support Q and A site here: