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During the namespace conversion, do the following:
% cd working
% php ../tools/phptools/bin/php-namespacer.php \
> -m./ -l=../library/ -p=Zend -o=./tmp/library -d=Zend/<component name>
Check the changes, and merge them into the trunk. Then make the unit
tests pass.
First pass
[X] Zend_Exception
[X] Zend_Version
[X] Zend_Loader
[X] Including pluginloader, resource loader, etc.
[X] Zend_Registry
[X] Zend_Config
[X] Zend_Debug
[X] Zend_Log
Would need to ignore Firebug writer for now, and potentially Db writer
[X] Zend_Cache
[X] Zend_Locale
[X] Zend_Date
[X] Zend_Translate
[X] Zend_TimeSync
[X] Zend_Measure
[X] Zend_Currency
Second pass:
[X] Zend_Filter
skip Input at first
[X] Zend_Validate
skip Validate_Db at first
do [X] Zend_Filter_Input at this time
[X] Zend_Uri
Third pass:
[X] Zend_Server
[X] Zend_Http
Fourth pass:
THE FOLLOWING IN ANY ORDER (except where indicated):
[X] Zend_Json
[X] Zend_Crypt
[X] `-> Zend_Oauth
[X] `-> Zend_XmlRpc
[X] Zend_Acl
[X] Zend_Reflection
[X] Zend_CodeGenerator
[X] Zend_Console
[X] Zend_Dom
[X] Zend_Gdata
[X] Zend_InfoCard
[X] Zend_Ldap
[X] Zend_Mime
[X] `-> Zend_Mail
[X] Zend_Markup
[X] Zend_Memory
[X] `-> Zend_Pdf
[X] `-> Zend_Barcode
[X] Zend_Db (except Firebug profiler)
[X] `-> Zend_Feed
[X] `-> Zend_Queue
[X] Zend_Text
[X] `-> Zend_ProgressBar
[X] `-> Zend_File
[X] Zend_Search
[X] Zend_Service_Abstract
[X] `-> Zend_Rest_Client
[X] `-> Zend_Service_ReCaptcha
[X] `-> Zend_Captcha
[X] Zend_Soap
[X] Zend_Tag
[ ] Zend_Service_*
[X] Zend_Session
[X] `-> Zend_Auth
[X] `-> Zend_Amf
[X] `-> Zend_Serializer
Fifth pass:
All together:
[ ] Zend_Controller, [ ] Zend_View, [ ] Zend_Layout, [ ] Zend_Rest_Route/Controller
Sixth pass:
[ ] Zend_Wildfire (and all Firebug related sub-components)
[ ] Zend_OpenId
[ ] Zend_Form -> [ ] Zend_Dojo
[ ] Zend_Navigation
[ ] Zend_Paginator
[ ] Zend_Test
Seventh (and last) pass:
[ ] Zend_Application -> [ ] Zend_Tool